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History of Japanese Phantom Production

Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya,Sapporo,Fukuoka....The Phantom appeared and singing.

Production Name
Performance count
Record etc.
1988.4.291988.9.201st Tokyo Production Nissei Theatre178JAPAN PREMIRE
1988.12.241989.3.311st Osaka Production Kintetsu Theatre120
1989.4.201989.7.212nd Tokyo Production Nissei Theatre111
1990.8.211990.10.233rd Tokyo Production Shinbashi Enbujou101
1990.12.201991.4.71st Nagoya Production Chunichi Theatre138
1991.9.201991.12.222nd Osaka Production Kintetsu Theatre105
1992.1.171992.4.134th Tokyo Production Nissei Theatre115
1993.9.11994.7.241st Sapporo Production JR Theatre354All JAPAN 1000performance 1993.12.31
1995.6.171995.10.293rd Osaka Production MBS Theatre150
1995.12.191996.4.155th Tokyo Production Nissei Theatre143
1996.5.191997.1.211st Fukuoka Production Fukuoka City Theatre269
1997.3.21998.3.142nd Nagoya Production Nagoya Musical Theatre376All JAPAN 2000performance 1997.9.20
1998.5.201999.7.316th Tokyo Production Akasaka Musical Theatre450All Tokyo 1000performance 1999.4.28
2001.4.302001.7.211st Sendai Production Miyagi Prefectual Hall92
2001.8.112001.10.81st Hiroshima Production Hiroshima Ubin-chokin Hall69
2001.10.312001.12.91st Shizuoka Production Shizuoka Shimin-bunka Hall47
2002.1.12003.3.21st Kyoto Production Kyoto Theatre409All JAPAN 3000performance 2002.7.6
2003.8.102004.3.282nd Fukuoka Production Fukuoka City Theatre214
2005.1.122007.3.217th Tokyo Production Dentsu Shiki Theatre UMI728All JAPAN 4000performance 2006.9.10

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